We LOVE our AIDS Walk & Run San Diego Volunteers!

The Annual AIDS Walk & Run event, in addition to being one of our largest fund-raising events, is also the event that engages the largest number of volunteers to support The Center at any given time.  In the past, it would take the combined effort of up to 500 volunteers to help us with set-up and logistics both before and during the huge event.

In 2021...

Volunteering to support the AIDS Walk & Run is a special experience every year and the source of many fond memories for our volunteers.  We hope you’ll join us in creating new memories during the 2023 AIDS Walk & Run! 

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the AIDS Walk & Run is going to be entirely different and some of the details are still in the works! Please check back for an update.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the AIDS Walk & Run is going to be entirely different.  In an effort to safeguard the health and well-being of participants and volunteers, major changes have been made to the design and implementation of the event, and as a result we have not planned ANY of the same volunteer activities that we had in the past. 

So how can interested and motivated volunteers support AIDS Walk in 2021?!?!?  JOIN OUR TEAM of VOLUNTEER WALKERS!!!  This year, we’re organizing a team composed of Center volunteers and annual AIDS Walk & Run volunteers. 

OUR TEAM GOAL IS TO RAISE $7,000.00 !!!!  

  • We are designing an EXCLUSIVE, volunteer-only AIDS Walk & Run experience!!We’re ramping up the fun and intrigue by adding several “Easter Eggs” along the route that ONLY members of the Volunteer Team will be able to find!
  • Volunteers who join the team and raise at least $100 (just an additional $65 on top of the $35 registration fee) will receive a 2020 AIDS Walk & Run t-shirt; branded for volunteers and available to VOLUNTEERS ONLY
  • The first 300 people to sign up are eligible to receive a 2020 AIDS Walk & Run branded neck-gaiter.
  • This is THE BEST opportunity for volunteers to support AIDS Walk & Run this year!!!



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