10 Simple Steps to Help You Raise Your $1,000 for AIDS Walk & Run

  1. Start by sponsoring yourself for $50
  2. Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $50
  3. Ask 10 friends to contribute $20
  4. Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $20
  5. Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $20
  6. Ask 5 people from your place of worship for $10
  7. Ask 5 people you socialize with for $10
  8. Ask your boss for a company donation of $50
  9. Ask 5 businesses that your company works with to contribute $40
  10. Ask 4 businesses that you frequent to donate $25

Add any or all of these ideas to your AIDS Walk fundraising plan.

Send a postcard
Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face (especially during these unique times) like a bit of snail mail! Send a fun postcard to  10 of your closest friends telling something you love about them! Then invite them to participate in AIDS Walk & Run San Diego 2022 or donate to your fundraising page. Don’t forget to include your custom fundraising URL!

Send a Creative Personalized Text
Use an app like Instagram, Canva or Over to create a free graphic. Text it to friends and family followed by your custom fundraising URL.

Staying Connected
During these times of social distancing, friends, family, and colleagues can feel united by participating in a team effort like AIDS Walk & Run San Diego. Whether folks are in San Diego, San Francisco, or Florida, they can feel unified by joining and supporting your team efforts.

$100 fundraised = AWSD t-shirt
Team members who fundraise over $100, will receive a complimentary AIDS Walk & Run San Diego 2022 t-shirt! And remember, your $45 registration fee counts toward your fundraising goal so you’re almost half the way there!

Human Resources outreach
Ask your Human Resources Department to send all staff an email encouraging them to participate as part of your AIDS Walk & Run San Diego team.

Cocktail Party
Whether it’s cosmopolitans or margaritas, tempt your guests’ taste buds with a sumptuous selection of cocktails.  Request that guests make a donation to AIDS Walk San Diego.

Karaoke Kraziness
Host a karaoke night for friends, family, coworkers and classmates.  In the spirit of fun and giving back, dare someone to sing a specific song and sponsor your dare with $5.  The person that has been dared can either sing the requested song or pay an additional $10 to pass the dare to the next person.  Each time the dare is passed the amount doubles. 

Garage Sale/Yard Sale
Ask friends and family to donate items for a garage sale and list them on virtual marketplaces like Facebook Market, Offer Up or Craigslist (remember to use contactless pick/delivery when collecting/distributing the items). This is a great way to clear out unused items while spreading the word about and raising money for the Walk. 

Company or Personal Cookbooks
Create a digital cookbook that includes co-worker recipes. Sell them to your family, friends, and co-workers.

Include your custom donation link in your email signature
That way everyone you are emailing has the opportunity to donate to your fundraising page.

Start a Letter Writing Campaign
Write letters to your family and friends asking them to support you or your team. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure a response. 

Ask Your Company about Matching Funds
Many companies have a matching funds program. Call your HR department or look on your company’s intranet to check if yours does. They can provide you with the correct paperwork.

Have a creative fundraising idea that you think we should include? Share it with us by emailing it to aidswalk@thecentersd.org!

Happy fundraising!

All registrations are $45
That’s correct, we’ve lowered the registration cost, so everyone can join in on the fun and join a team!

Complimentary neck gaiter for first 300 registrants who opt-in
This year, folks can opt-in to receive a complimentary neck gaiter. Promote this to your potential team members, as this is only while supplies last.

Incentive Coupon Book
Make up digital coupon books with employee incentives, and then sell them. For example, 5 themed Zoom meeting coupons sell for $5.




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