AIDS Walk & Run HIV/AIDS Grants

2018 Funding Recipients

Being Alive 
Care and Treatment: 
Founded in 1989 by HIV+ individuals who volunteered their time and talents to assist others living with the disease, today, Being Alive is the largest, continually operating support service organization for people living with HIV. Being Alive serves over 8,000 people each year, assisting and educating San Diegans living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Christie’s Place
Strengthening Systems: Operating Support for Integrated HIV/AIDS Services for Women, Children and Families
Living with HIV/AIDS presents complex and unique challenges for over 1,600 women in San Diego County. Christie’s Place delivers family-centered social services such as mental health counseling, case management, support groups, child care, linkages to medical care, empowerment trainings and basic needs services, helping women and children in San Diego County access the life-saving care they need. Christie’s Place is the only organization in San Diego whose mission is dedicated to serving women, children and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Family Health Centers
Strengthening Systems: The Safe Point Clean Syringe Exchange Program (CSEP)

The Safe Point San Diego CSEP will target the estimated 41,000 intravenous drug users residing in San Diego County. This program stands on the front lines of stopping the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C in San Diego County.

Fraternity House
Care and Treatment: AIDS Caregiving Program
Since 1988, Fraternity House has provided warm and caring homes where very low-income men and women disabled by HIV/AIDS can receive comprehensive care and services in order to rebuild their health and return to independent living, or where they can spend their last days in comfort and dignity.

Mama’s Kitchen
Care and Treatment: AIDS Nutrition Program
Mama’s Kitchen’s AIDS Nutrition Program targets San Diego County residents who are struggling with AIDS-related disabilities and those who are HIV symptomatic to the extent that they cannot shop or cook food for themselves.

North County LGBTQ Resource Center
Strengthening Systems: HIV Outreach and Prevention
The North County LGBTQ Resource Center strives to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS with testing and education and to enrich the lives of those who are affected by HIV/AIDS through support, counseling, and advocacy. HIV/AIDS outreach includes health fairs, screenings and testing at sponsored events. They host a variety of speakers, including doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists, who cover topics of special interest to the HIV/AIDS community such as treatment, drug trials, and nutrition.

Care and Community
POZabilities is a volunteer effort to reduce isolation, depression and stigma among individuals in San Diego who are infected and affected by HIV through education, outreach, and networking. POZabilities envisions an HIV+ community where social support is strong, isolation is rare, where HIV prejudice and discrimination are eliminated, and where HIV+ individuals live healthy and fulfilling lives.

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program
Care and Treatment: HIV/AIDS Enhanced Legal Services
This program is the sole free legal resource in San Diego County for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, targeting low-income consumers who have difficulty accessing legal services through existing legal clinics.

San Diego Youth Services
Prevention and Education: Peer Education Empowerment Program (PEEP)
This program provides an effective health education and prevention model designed for high-risk youth.

San Ysidro Community Health
Strengthening Systems: CASA/Our Place
CASA and Our Place are SYC’s early intervention centers that increase access to care for people living with HIV/AIDS from South Bay and Southeastern San Diego, focusing on these communities’ Latinos and African Americans, with particular emphasis on men who have sex with men.

Stepping Stone 
Care and Treatment: HIV and other Health interventions
To create, improve and deliver alcohol and other drug treatment, HIV and other health interventions, recovery, education and prevention services specializing in the challenges of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of the San Diego region.

UCSD: The HIV Institute 
Strengthening Systems: In 2017 the AIDS Research Institute (ARI) evolved into the HIV Institute to acknowledge our investors’ and clinicians’ focus on preventing, treating and curing HIV before it progresses to AIDS
The HIV Institute facilitates three-way communication between researchers, clinicians, and the San Diego community with the ultimate goal of devising innovative and much-needed approaches to prevent, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure HIV/AIDS.

UCSD Mother-Child-Adolescent HIV Program 
Strengthening Systems: Retention Focused Case Management: Enhancing the Skills of Vulnerable Youth
The UCSD Mother-Child-Adolescent HIV Program provides comprehensive, family-centered, developmentally-appropriate, bilingual and culturally competent primary medical and HIV specialty care, integrated mental health, and case management for the highest risk perinatally and behaviorally (MSM/IDU) male and female infected youth and young adults.

Vista Community Clinic 
Strengthening Systems: VCC HIV Linkage Coordination
The Linkage to Care program ensures that newly identified HIV-positive community members are connected to primary and preventative care in order to improve treatment compliance, reduce risk behavior and improve quality of life.

*AIDS Walk San Diego funds also support all of the HIV/AIDS programs of The San Diego LGBT Community Center including: Behavioral Health Services & Counseling for the HIV community; Health Education & Risk Reduction Services; HIV testing & counseling; Housing and Support Services for homeless HIV positive youth; Living with HIV support groups; Accion Positiva group; and the Positive Action Series.

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